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The Flowering Tree Lodge

Debbie Mast is co-leader of the Flowering Tree Lodge in Michigan and the founder of the Womenís Hoop, a ceremonial group for women, now in its sixteenth year.  Her work is inspired by her vision of women and men working together to re-create the world.

The Flowering Tree Lodge is a teaching lodge of The Sweet Medicine Sun Dance tradition.  This tradition was founded in 1250 B.C. by medicine women and men from tribes across the Americas.   Calling themselves Twisted Hairs, they braided together knowledge that works from every direction on the Wheel of Life. Over time they developed tremendous amounts of knowledge about energy, ceremonial alchemy, healing techniques, communication with nature and controlled dreaming.  The Twisted Hairs opened their teachings to non-natives in the 1970ís.  The local Sweet Medicine community gathers to learn and share together, as they reach for their highest potential.

This group meets at our building several times throughout the year. 

For information on study groups, seminars, purification lodges, vision quests and Rites of Passage ceremonies contact Debbie Mast at (586) 306-6075.

International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women, Le Droit Humain  (Pre-registration required)

Open to both men and women, the focus is on the spiritual aspect of Freemasonry.  Rituals, ceremonies, symbols, and myth are used to depict universal truths, and to help members understand where they have come from, who they are now, and where they are going.  In this new millennium, the Order has a special contribution to make to both the individual and society.  Its openness to women, and its emphasis on basic human rights, tolerance, and understanding for all people and all religious views, make it an important vehicle for men and women to work together in a spirit of equality and mutual respect for the betterment of the world.

Basic qualifications include:  at least 21 years old; "free," not bound to a particular set of beliefs, but open to growing and learning; striving to live a life of self-improvement and service.

This group meets monthly at our building.  For further information, including how to apply for membership, contact Mary Jo Kokochak,
813-520-6703; e-mail

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